“I don’t know how to start… so I guess I just will” - Andy Shauf

I don’t know what this will be, but I feel the calling in me so much it hurts to not let it out. As this idea / creation fleshes out, my hope is that it connects a few dots for those searching. As I find my own balance of being and becoming, my relationship to the quantum and the esoteric, and my person spin of the pragmatic and miraculously impossible, I plan to report.

Like a mixed tape, the levels may be wildly off, the songs may seem to be barely cohesive, but somewhere in the dissonance is the signal.

From empty space comes both signal and noise.

“In the beginning was the Tao, all things issue from it and all things return to it.” “Before Abraham was “I AM”

This is my process of closing circles, and starting another one. The beginning is the end and the end is the beginning.

Each circle a portal or looking glass, I hope to find you there in what’s next.


Joshua LilesComment