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My Teachers

Nevine Michaan
Katonah Yoga Founder

Jared McCann
Lighthouse Yoga School

Jani Jaatinen
Gokul Yoga Malasysia

Melissa French
Yoga and Taoist Practices


JOSH LIles Teacher OF YOga and Direct Inquiry

There comes a time in your practice when you don't want to hide in the corner anymore.  You are ready to be seen and learn how to see, so that vision can inform your practice.

I'm Josh Liles and I've been practicing yoga since the late 90's.  My practice has gone through many evolutions, contractions, and expansions.  The yoga I teach is based on all that I've experienced and learned, with lots of injuries from going too fast or using a hot room to open me up instead of my own body.  

I teach Katonah Yoga for the longevity experience of being in a body as I find it always adds up.  Katonah Yoga is not meant as a stand alone practice but a lens through which to see not just postures, but how you are moving through life in spacetime.  The past, the present moment, and the potential into which we are stepping are all a part of the practice. 

I teach direct inquiry meditation as way to be with the underlying fabric of the universe and experience the unity and infinity of the present moment. 



Kind Words

"You made me have the realization that a lot of the physical barriers are actually mental.  Classes are always therapeutic and introspective, nonjudgmental and community based.
Ashley M.

"You are one of the unique teachers / students who embody the next generation of her (Nevine's) material."
Astrid N.

"I feel f***ing amazing."
Rex L.