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Art of Adjustment

  • Neutral Chaos Studios 247 Water Street #202 Brooklyn, NY, 11201 United States (map)

The Art of Adjustment begins with learning to see and read the practitioner as a whole. In this training, you will learn to evaluate the body through the lens of yoga asana and how to steer back on course. We will find the hidden connections and patterns of holding that hide in the body and expose the path forward. It’s one thing for an adjustment to feel good, it’s game-changing for the adjustment to light your path with the fullness of experience where you are coming from, balanced with where you are going, by what you feel and know right now.

Who is this training for:

Those who are exploring the subtleties of the body. Those who are willing to be adjusted and seen. Students who want to have a deeper understanding of both the overhead and under-the-hood view of their practice. Those who feel like “forcing it” isn’t working. Teachers that are looking to refine their eye and really see where their students practice is heading. Those willing to work with the body that they have today.

This is not just for yogis: Dancers, martial artists, actors, or anyone open to taking a somatic look at their inner workings.

Yes! Bring your partners so you can adjust each other at home. Yogic flexibility is not required at all.

What will this training look like:

There will be a very brief warm up and then the rest of the training will be adjustments. This will not be a super strenuous training, but do expect it to be taken places you haven’t been before. My hope is that all leave feeling seen and moved.

We will learn to read bodies in groups of 2, 3, and 4. We will explore how to read the habits that hide from us and adjust, with compassion, the subject towards their highest potential.

We will explore reading the feet, pelvis, torso, and face in each pose.

This is designed for all abilities working within the range of the student at hand, no advanced practice required.

(Advanced Willingness and Openness highly suggested).

What to bring:

Clothes you can move in.

notebook, pen

Phones and Recording devices are fine but only with consent of all in the photo or video.

How much:

$90 Dollars

Neutral Chaos Studios Dumbo

247 Water Street Suite 202