Triple Triangle Practice


3 is a Magic Number.

For the past few weeks I've been playing a game with three interlaced triangles. I've been using it primarily in standing, seated, or warrior postures, but the technique can be carried over into anything really.
This imaginative map fuses Gurdjieff's idea of the three centers, Nevine Michaan's Body as a House and Breath of Grace and Effort, the 7 chakras, and Joseph Campbell's interpretation of transcending animal nature to find your inner Christ.

Backing Up just a bit... I don't know if it's the planetary alignments or the tectonic shifts in the world political, social, and actual climate, but I've been feeling the need to anchor into the earth in order to literally receive all the new information (light). How can I anchor the light instead of being refried beans? Our lightning rod, the pineal gland, has been trained out of its old reptilian role as a light receptor, but maybe it is still taking in cosmic messages for those willing to plug in.

Enter Ouspensky: I was reading up on mathematical interpretations of being (light Saturday reading) and came across the below photo that reminded me so much of a James Campbell talk about transcending your animal nature.


The intersection of my studies brought forth a clear picture in my mind. At the pinnacle of each triangle was the eye of an energetic center.

The pinnacle of the movement center was the center of creativity or 2nd chakra.
The pinnacle of the feeling center was the center of compassion and joy the heart chakra.
The pinnacle of the thinking center was the 3rd eye or the eye of providence.

From here the technique developed.
1. I found that the two feet descended to reveal the 2nd chakra. (Knowing your animal nature)
2. The hips joints descended to reveal the heart chakra. (Beginning to find compassion of human nature)
3. The shoulders descend to reveal the 3rd eye. (Learning to see the whole picture)


The idea was that by anchoring into being, the becoming part of me is risen through the energetic centers. The bonus was that the 9 points of the triangle gave me the pinnacle of the 10 or zero the pineal gland. 3 Triangles, giving us 7 chakras, bringing us to 10 at the pinnacle or the zero of rebirth.

The fun part is always the implied and metaphorical embodiment of imaginative questions?
What do you stand for creatively?
Can I stop being a tight ass and start being more generous with my heart?
Can I stop muscling my way through life and start having more vision?
Can I have compassion for the animal in me?
I am ready for the next paradigm? Can I master this but be ready for the next? and the next? and the next?

Can we raise our ancient antennas and receive our cosmic signals?

Once you get the linear, try playing with cones and pyramids.
Have fun!

Joshua LilesComment