Event Horizon

What should I do now?

This is the general question I get after reading someone's body or after a particularly revelatory class. What's the secret? What's the trick? What should I be thinking while I'm at work sitting or standing or serving or parenting?

First, cut yourself some slack. These are intense times... Institutions are crumbling... Old ways just aren't working anymore. Your body is a weather gauge for these intense times.

Second, Everything is happening perfectly by divine appointment. So relax it's all coming together.

Third, you are the creation and the creator so you gotta get busy co-creating the future you want. So maybe don't cut yourself too much slack.

So what do you do when you discover the dark corner that you've been hiding from yourself and you want to recoil into yourself and hide in shame?

See The Horizon With Your Body

Specifically let each of your three major centers see the horizon in front of you. Let your pelvis (movement center) your heart (feeling center) and your third eye (thinking center) see the horizon. What is coming your way?

Stand Up and Be Seen

Notice the next time you feel challenged or uncertain or scared, do you close up and look down. Do you choose to not look out and see, do you choose not to be seen? That's not to say there's not a time for introspection and reflection upon the past, but that behavior can become a consuming, body-morphing posture that when overplayed can become an excuse for not showing up in the world AS YOU ARE.

How do we embody the truth? See out from our bodies as they are and let our truth be seen.
This is owning the moment of the here and now, no matter how we got here. This is not turning away from what is. When we own how we got here, then our vision of what's coming isn't so distorted.

Many temples and monasteries are designed so the entrance faces east. When the Buddha sat under the bodhi tree he faced east. The Body Open to the Event Horizon of what was / is coming. The next sunrise. The next birth. The next light. Welcoming all that is to come with the full acceptance and allowing all that has passed be the past.

This is a real struggle for all. (I know from personal-Scorpio-hiding-my-truth experience how painful not being fully honest about who I am). Allow the process to unfold and unwind your self-protections.

Mantra of the Month: Stay Grounded, Stay Open

Love To All,

Joshua LilesComment