Measured Practice

I see measuring up your yoga, like baking sourdough bread.

For over a decade of my yoga practice, being injured (lower back, shoulders, knees, neck, hamstring) was just part of it.  I'd spend a lot of time recovering from what was supposed to be helping me heal.  My practice was filled with fire and vigor.  I had no lack of enthusiasm, but I lacked the right recipe to help me move forward with a sustainable practice.

Sourdough bread is sustaining.  To finally get to a loaf that is edible takes a recipe.  To get to a loaf that is delicious takes a refined recipe.  To get to a loaf that is transcendent takes a refined recipe and a refined understanding of the baker to adapt.  

When we practice with measured angles, using origami folds, both substantiated and grounded, we give ourselves the chance to see patterns.  Using the recipes and measurements and cross-referencing the patterns in ourselves in time and space, we are able to have insight and transcendent oversight.  

Measuring up helps set up conditions so that we can overcome the story of our limitations and injuries and have vision of what's possible.  We can add all the nuance we want after we learn to follow the recipe!

Joshua LilesComment