Community Practice

What does it mean to be supported?  A big part of my yoga practice is community.  Not just the community for after yoga, but a communal practice to see and be seen, to touch and be touched, to support and be supported.  For some people that's just not where they are in their practice and their are many other practices and paths for them.  Practicing with me, whether in group, private, workshop, or intensive, we will use everything and everybody.  Adjustments are a huge part of my teaching.  I may use someone to hold one part of a body and someone to hold another part of the body, to give the student a vision of where they can go.  

The point of the adjustment is so the student can have a glimpse of what's possible when conditions are set up up for them to see their potential.  I teach adjustments so the student is held so the nervous system will relax and allow the body to go where it can.  Being held and supported helps the student to feel more at home in the body.

When we are well supported and feel at home in our capacity our perspective of what's possible changes.

Joshua LilesComment