Embodied Practice

In my yoga exploration I have discovered many forms and paths of "waking up" and many different instances of "waking up." When I experienced samadhi for the first time, I thought that was it. I thought I'd discovered the answer to everything, the panacea. While it was a state of bliss, it also became an attachment. I kept looking for that state of nothingness and everythingness, exactly as it happened that first time. I kept trying to leave my body, instead of being at home in myself. I realized once the story of my awakening had passed, it became exactly that, a story. Many teachers will say you are not your body, you are not your mind, or you are not your emotions. I take a quantum view. We are all of it. We exist in maya (or illusion) and we exist on the unified field. We experience both duality and non duality. We are infinite beings, that still have to pay bills. We are divine creators, that have to change our kids diapers. We are the light, that still has to say sorry when we are assholes. The practice I teach is not about transcending the body, it's about returning home to the body, while having a multi dimensional experience. The body is the house for your spirit and the house becomes a home when we live in it. By exploring the inner landscape in relation to the outer experience, we have the ability to see that we are as infinite inward as the universe in expansive outward. We use an embodied practice to set up conditions to explore the practical, the subtle, and the ethereal.

Joshua LilesComment