A theme in my practice and my teaching has been support.  I often begin class either asking my students and or myself to offer gratitude for the support that allowed them/ me to be on my mat.

The support of a loved one working or doing childcare while we practice, the support of the floor, the group or class, the support of of the earth / the universe, even the support of one’s own efforts that allowed this moment on the mat to be possible.  

I think the idea of being supported prepares the mind to surrender to the idea of unity (yoga). That everything that has built up to this moment has in its way supported the practitioner on the mat.  

Feeling supported the yogi may practice as an offering to all that supported, and in doing so offer support in the form of devotion.

Feeling supported allows the practitioner to offer with humility, knowing that the energy that flows through is not to be owned or grasped and not even of them.  The practitioner can become a conduit of supporting energy and channel all the received blessings and support right back out into the world… supporting all.

I invite you to offer gratitude for all of the support that gets you to each moment. It is my current practice to arrive with gratitude so I can celebrate the moment.


Joshua LilesComment