Poetry - Superconsciousness / Samadhi- Revisited in Autobiograpgy of a Yogi

My typical yogi sleep patterns woke me up about 3 am last night.  I opened up my kindle to a philosopher that was really rubbing me the wrong way.  So I switched over to Autobiography of A Yogi.  The passage was about him seeking communion with God in the Himalayas.  He was searching for some Enlightened Dude to help him with that communion. He asked for the gift of samadhi.  That enlightened dude said, why did you come here, go back to your guru / he has everything you need.  When the time is right he will help you.

Makunda went back to his guru, who accepted his frustrated student with open arms.  His mind was everywhere as he went to meditate.  His teacher called him, but he pretended not to listen.  Finally, the teacher yelled to get his attention and said your mind is like leaves in the storm.

The guru laid his hands on his chest and Makunda instantly experienced Samadhi for the first time.  

After my half assed butchery of the story, we get to the point of this post.  Yogananda (Makunda) later wrote a poem about the samadhi experience.  I have to be honest, the first time I read this book, I had no interest in God or super-consciousness.   I had no (known) experience with intuition leading me places or experience with kundalini energy.  I also will skip over poems if they have no relevance to my life.  This third time I happened upon the poem, I finally slowed down to read it. 

Vanished the veils of light and shade,

Lifted every vapor of sorrow,

Sailed away all dawns of fleeting joy

Gone the dim sensory mirage.

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The poem finally meant something to me.  I had practiced intensely, I had gone through similar frustrations.  The only difference between me and Yogananda was I didn't know I was searching for God, but God found me.  It was a gift not to know what I was searching for, I would have grasped for the bliss and it wouldn't have been there.  

Everyone has their way of waking up.  Mine was full of fear and finally surrendering to the bliss that lay just on the other side of facing that fear.  It took me years and years of practice to even get to the point of realizing the fear.  I didn't even realize I was searching.  I was just practicing and the Universe within me was made known.

File under: Practice and all is coming.  

Photo by Lucy Liles

Photo by Lucy Liles

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